Why Organize and Declutter?

Clutter zaps your energy, wastes your time and costs you money!

Do You Know…?

  • We wear 20% of the clothing we own 80% of the time

  • Children of organized parents perform better in school

  • 20% of adults say they pay bills late because they misplaced them

  • 60% of Americans feel they don’t have time to get things done

  • The two most quoted resolutions…lose weight and get organized

  • Clutter can cost 20% of budget in fees and duplicate purchases

  • 80% of what we keep is never used

  • Only 25% of the population is organized

  • Americans waste a collective 9 million hours a day looking for misplaced items

  • Staged homes spend 25 days less on the market

  • Getting rid of excess clutter eliminates 40% of housework

  • Finding what you need easily feels satisfying

Take a minute to look around your home or office.   Are any of these lurking around?

  • Cloths that no longer fit or are out of style?

  • Inherited items that don’t match your environment?

  • Gifts that you have kept out of guilt or obligation?

  • Items that are broken or missing parts?

  • Old magazines, outdated articles, expired coupons?

  • Unfinished projects you never get around to finishing?

  • Disorganized heaps of photographs, recipes or articles to be read later?

  • Office records and work files to deal with?

  • Anything you don’t use, love or need?

Now visualize what it would be like to have what you need, where you need it. We all have had too many days where life just seems harder than it should be. While there are some things we cannot control or change, there are some - our space, our habits and our thoughts - that fortunately, we can!  Change is not always easy on our own; that is why there are meetings for weight control, support groups for loss, workshops for business planning, and books and motivational tapes for every type of support. Let us be your support experts for controlling clutter in your life!


Organize and Revitalize!